Cordies Cable Organizer by Quirky


My husband and I share a home office, we both work mainly from home (except when he's on the road) and he's our daughter's primary caretaker during the day. We are both online a lot and there are devices, USB cables and chargers everywhere! Quirky makes some great-looking surge protectors, but … [Read more...]

Quick Tips: The Pizza Wheel – Not Just for Pizza


In my 20s I was on a path to a degree in hotel/restaurant management. I never quite made it through a four-year program for that, but I did get to take some very useful cooking classes where I picked up basic cooking techniques and pretty decent knife skills. But, I owe this tip to my husband's … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Things at 9-10 Months

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It's always a challenge for me to shop for my baby. I research and stress for hours trying to choose the right toy-food-equipment that has the perfect combination of good reviews, the right price and being age appropriate. I ask for advice and pour over ratings - still, I never know if … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble Online Storytime


In addition to your local library, Barnes & Noble stores can be a great place to catch a free storytime or get some playtime on a cool train table. But if you’re homebound for the day or not close to a store, their website has a nice section called Online Storytime which currently features 16 … [Read more...]

Why Should You Read Yet Another Mommy-blog?


When I was pregnant and then had my daughter in March 2012, I found a lot of great books as well as online resources and voices to learn from. It’s intimidating to start a blog in this seemingly saturated “mommy market,” but I think my perspective will resonate with many parents and I truly … [Read more...]

Music by Vered – Kids Music You’ll Love


Good Morning My Love by Vered Benhorin is an award-winning CD for kids that you won't mind hearing (over and over and over again). The downloadable CD has 17 tracks which Vered says mirrors different stages of a baby's development and is meant to help parents connect with their baby. Vered is a … [Read more...]

Huggies Rewards and Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program


Somehow I made it through my entire pregnancy without learning about the rewards programs offered by some diaper manufacturers. I know of two that I’ll discuss here: the Huggies Rewards and Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program, but there may be others, too. These programs are like loyalty … [Read more...]

A Nerdy Kind of Mom


This is an introduction to me and my point of view. My mission is to bring knowledge and technology to parenting and life. "I am nerdy because I RTFM (read the *fabulous* manual). But then I still do it the way I want to!" I’m Michelle Dollinger, aka MommyNerd, I'm a full-time working-from-home … [Read more...]

Free (and Quiet) iPhone Games for Babies


There are a few apps I like for occupying my 9-month-old daughter when I need to get something done or get through a long road trip. One category of games is from Fisher-Price and they’re free (see my review of Fisher-Price apps). The other discovery I made are iPad and iPhone apps for cats from … [Read more...]