Quick Tips: The Pizza Wheel – Not Just for Pizza

In my 20s I was on a path to a degree in hotel/restaurant management. I never quite made it through a four-year program for that, but I did get to take some very useful cooking classes where I picked up basic cooking techniques and pretty decent knife skills.

But, I owe this tip to my husband’s work experience at Tony’s Pizza in Cheektowaga, NY …

When Carolina started developing her pincer grasp around 7 months old we started giving her pea-size bites of whatever we were eating – everything from toast and chicken to broccoli and fish. We’re lucky, so far, and she loves absolutely everything. And when she can feed items to herself it gives us a bit of a rest so we can eat, too.

pizzawheelI was always pulling out a chef’s knife and taking time to chop everything with precision, but my smart husband diced up a piece of toast in no-time flat. He did it on a cutting board with the pizza cutter – a tool I’ve only ever used for pizza. I wasn’t going to readily admit that he figured out a better way than me to do something, but he’s got this one and now I’m doing it, too.

It’s a decently sharp instrument and it is effective on just about everything – toast, meat, veggies. And when a demanding toddler is waiting for dinner it couldn’t be faster or simpler.


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  1. Sharon Gentile says:

    When kid decides to wean & already is eating food, I did not need extra calories, just nutrient dense foods, lots of salads & water.